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  • The REGNET project was successfully completed at the final project review on the 27th of March 2003 at Luxembourg!

A few excerpts from the European Commission's final review report:

The review team considered that the setting up through technologies of a network of experts in CEEC and Russia constitutes a success story that merits publicity.

The project proceeded fully in line with its "Description of Work".

The successful coordination of a large group of partners (23 partners, 2 subcontractors from 12 countries, including from Eastern and Central Europe and Russia) can be considered as close to best practice.

The potential seems to be good for the network. The e-publishing module offers very good prospects [...].

Some additional tasks were completed, such as Topic Maps (management of all metadata terminologies), or also such as the fact that the project output was supposed to be the creation of an infrastrucutre, whilst it produced also commercially exploitable modules.

The repository allows to be independent from data formats and is open therefore to wap and i-mode exploitation.

  • First portal version, demo database and REGNET tools are available for testing! Have a look at our the Demonstration Area!

  • REGNET receives GREEN light for continuing at the second official project review on the 4th of July 2002 at Luxembourg.  

    The project is considered to be in line with its workplan and the programme objectives!

  • A first REGNET seminar will be held on the 5th of August 2002 at Vienna, AUSTRIA.  

    The seminar will give an introduction into XML technology and demonstrations of possible fields of application.

    Demonstrations will include the applications developed for EU funded projects.

    Target groups are users and developers of cultural databases as well as database developers in general.

    Click here for more detailed information.

  • The second period of the project has just finished and the deliverables 4 to 6 have been completed. Deliverable 6 was submitted in a first version and will be finalized till June 2002. 

A short esssence of the work carried out so far is given in the following paragraphs. 


Content Engineering

Digital content and related products are the basis for the REGNET system - the variety of content available at the side of the content providers within the project (different types and styles, different languages and geographic origins) will enhance not only the attractiveness for the end user but also decide upon the economic success of the REGNET system.


Dealing with heterogenous requirements this work area was mainly dedicated to the content production. According to the special approach content production comprises not only the cataloguing and digitising of objects but also the "thematic knowledge engineering" (e. g. development of topic maps structures and thematic texts related to the object within the collections). The plans and guidelines elaborated in WP 1 build now the basis for all partners to provide cultural heritage data for the integration into the REGNET demonstration system and to deal with the tools already developed (offline and online data entry tools).


The legal framework

In order to set up an operational e-Business network future cooperation has to be based on sound agreements among the stakeholders doing business in the Cultural Heritage field. Existing networks had to be investigated in the light of the experience made in practice. An important issue for the establishment of the REGNET partnership model was the mixture of profit and non-profit enterprises. Here REGNET intends to introduce a layer between content holders and distribution and service channels.


Within this work area we have developed a contracting and partnership model for a REGNET operational and strategic network. Research finally showed that the organization form “European Economic Interest Group” of European company law would be very appropriate for a network like REGNET. Therefore it has been decided to establish the “CSC Europe EEIG” and a first version of the statutes for this Cultural Service Centre Europe EEIG has been developed.
APRIL 2002

  • REGNET has received green light by the Commission in its first Project Review 25 October 2001. "No gaps have been observed by the reviewers, between the initial work plan and the current situation of the project. The reviewers got a good impression that the contractors had used the necessary endeavors to ensure a successful completion of the project, in line with the contractual objectives."
    OCTOBER 2001

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